Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am Natalie. I am a mom to four (three girls and a baby boy), I love gardening, cooking, traveling, Bikram Yoga, and food research (kinda obsessed with that actually!)

Why am I writing a blog? For starters, I love to write. Always have. Secondly, I am researching and learning everyday and I have information to share, so why not share it. I call this my mommy hobby blog. I enjoy it and it keeps me motivated.

How did I get started with all things natural? Well, when I was first pregnant I read all the baby books, bought the popular products, and set up my home for my coming baby. I trusted that I was doing everything right and that the products I grew up with were safe. I spent most of my energy baby-proofing my home and reading up on how to be a good parent. Boy was I wrong. I didn't realize that half of what I was buying was filled with chemicals and not good for any of us. These things didn't cross my mind. I figured I ate pretty healthy, cleaned my home like everyone else, and plastic was well... plastic. I didn't realize until one day while reading, my second child sitting next to me sipping on her bottle, that life was about to get very different. I came across an article about BPA leaching chemicals in the plastic of her little colorful bottle next to me. I glanced over. My heart sank. Life has never been the same. I grabbed the bottle, we headed to the store to buy a BPA free one and my research began. A couple of days later I learned that my older daughter’s apple was rolling around in a lead containing insulated lunch box. Trying to protect my family, I started looking at our beauty products, our cleaning supplies, our food, and the world around us. That was about 2008. My little babies are 12 and 9 now.

Since that eye-opening day I have been conscious (sometimes overly so I am told- haha) of what we eat, buy, and even how we live. We tore up the backyard and started a huge garden (See photos here), I try my best to serve only organic foods for my family (and that goes for every family member- 2 dogs, a cat, and 2 bunnies included!) , and I won't buy anything without reading the label first- most times even researching the company. I want my children to know where their food comes from and to live thoughtfully.

Over the years I have grown...more skeptical perhaps. Many many things have opened my eyes. I have come to realize that we are responsible for our own health and we must research and make no decision without being informed. My third beautiful daughter (born a little over three years ago) has taught me many valuable lessons. I had a VBA2C (read about it here) with her after having two cesareans. Told by many I couldn't do it, I researched and made my own decision. She taught me more lessons about health and food this past year as well (read about that here). This isn't just a passing interest. It seems to be something we all have to do to protect our families. Just part of being a mom now, I guess!

So I hope you enjoy my little blog. When I have time (come on I have 4 kids!) I share what I have learned or cooked for my family. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and recipes as I journey to give my family a more natural life.

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(FYI- This blog is here for information only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes. Research and make your own informed decisions. I am in no way an expert :) 

Also I have Amazon Affiliate links set up on this site. If you buy anything from one of the links, the cost is the same for you, but I earn a tiny commission. Considering I have only ever earned about one dollar from a spiral slicer someone bought a year ago, rest assured that I only tell you about products I know, use, and love.