Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parasites & Eczema

It's been a long road, but I think the sun is finally setting on eczema for this family. (fingers crossed, I am knocking on wood, all that stuff!!) You may have seen my post not too long ago about my daughter and her eczema, The GAPS Diet, and how we have seen major improvements through food. (Read about it here). Well, the story doesn't end there.

My daughter's eczema started at five months old. It covered most of her little body about a month after it began making its appearance. We tried everything under the sun including changing her diet. After eight months on The GAPS Diet we saw major improvement- everything cleared, but her legs. Her arms were baby soft like they always should have been and tank tops and short sleeved shirts were never appreciated so much, but I knew we were missing something. Why had her legs not cleared?

Through research and networking with other families going through the eczema battle, I met a family whose daughter had parasites. We always think that unless you are living in or visiting a developing or third-world country that we are safe from the little critters...well, that is not the case. Millions of people are being plagued by parasites and they don't even know it. Parasites are easily picked up through the food we eat, pets, they can be passed from husband to wife, mother to baby during pregnancy, or a child simply putting their hand into their mouth after playing at the park. Under the right conditions (such as you've been sick, stressed, or your immune system is a little low at the time) parasites can thrive. You don't have to have a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge or stomach trouble either. They can be living in your intestines or blood stream and live undetected for years.

Thankfully a simple blood test or stool sample can detect them. We went with a blood sample as they don't always show up in the stool. And you guessed it...we found them!!
(*Now I just want to remind you all I am not a doctor so if you are going to do a parasite cleanse please seek a professional. I am just sharing my story to help others find answers and new approaches to the healing process. Obviously not everyone suffering from eczema is going to have parasites, either. I have met kids who don't, but it's definitely worth looking into.) Anyway after the test, with the guidance of a practitioner we went through two parasite cleanses using the natural product ParaGone for Kids. And wow oh wow what an improvement we saw!!!

My daughter's eczema has always been consistent. Some people go through flareups, but we have never really had a break from it. She has lived in tights and footsie pajamas. That is why I believe this new approach is working. Her legs have never looked this good. How can one heal if something in their body is battling against them? Parasites throw off toxins and if the body has to process them, the body can not fully heal. We were healing her gut with diet, that much is obvious by the results we were getting, but with these little critters depleting her body of needed nutrients and boring new holes into the gut and throwing off toxins, well she couldn't fully heal. Now that we have taken care of those meanies, let the full healing begin!!!

I am sharing this story as I really wish we had come across this information sooner. Of all the tests doctors have given her, none ever tested for parasites...yet there they were. I think that anyone starting a healing diet or protocol for ANY condition should check themselves for parasites. The body can not fully heal if it is dealing with parasites, too.


  1. thx for sharing...looking for help w eczema and itching here. did anyone ever recommend to you diluted bleach baths? I did this for awhile..but I don't like using chemicals.

    1. Yes that was recommended by some doctors but we didn't want to use chemicals either. Instead we tried seaweed bathes. They really helped especially with the itching. Aalgo was our favorite brand of seaweed powder. Good luck. I hope you find relief soon.