Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, GAPS School-Lunch Ideas

If it turns out your kiddos have to be gluten-free or perhaps grain-free for whatever reason (my littlest in on GAPS for eczema and another has been having some digestion issues) it can be quite difficult to come up with new lunch ideas. Here is hoping that these pics give you inspiration :) Above we have Tuna "Pasta" Salad. The pasta is zucchini noodles. A spiral slicer makes great "zoodles". 

For me, I have found that the Planet Box is an easy way to make lunch exciting (but any containers will do). It's little cubbies are great for veggies and dip. Plus I love the tiny spot in the middle...just the right size for a treat. For this lunch the hot dog IS its own bun with a slice down the middle and stuffed with ketchup, pickles, and beet kraut.

For this day I was taking my littlest to a 'Mommy and Me' class. For her I brought homemade gummy snacks, chicken, and raw coconut butter. These packets are great. If you pop them in the refrigerator they break off into little sweet bites. Good healthy fat, but the kids act like it's candy!! My older daughters had chicken with BBQ dipping sauce, plantain chips, sliced veggies, a banana, and a date stuffed with blue cheese.

On another day the girls took to school a Chicken Salsa Fresca Salad (salsa fresca recipe here), veggies and dip, dried blueberries, and homemade Cheese-Its and a Carrot Cake Cookie. I found both those recipes in The Heal Your Gut Cookbook by Hilary Boynton and Mary Brackett. It is full of great snack ideas for the kids.

Then one day they had yogurt and frozen fruit with a drizzle of honey, Applegate Salami, sliced veggies, and some seaweed snacks. By the time lunch came around the frozen fruit was perfectly chilled.

I don't know about your kids, but mine find food on sticks exciting. Here we have olives, chicken, and cheese skewers, Ok they are toothpicks, but whatever :). Sliced veggies, fruit, and those homemade Cheese-Its again.

Lastly for now...Chicken "Tacos"!!! I made my Chicken & Carrots with Peach & Yogurt Chutney the night before so using the leftovers I cut up the chicken and drizzled it with the yogurt chutney and folded lettuce around them like tacos. I LOVE using leftovers and thankfully they were a hit. Hope these lunches offer some inspiration. Got a great lunch idea, lets hear it is the comments. The more ideas the better. :)

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