Saturday, June 14, 2014

Homemade Sour Cream

My homemade sour cream was ready this morning. Yum...I had a spoonful straight from the jar. I can't wait to use it to top...well EVERYTHING. Yogurt is not the only cultured milk product teaming with probiotics. (Although homemade yogurt is great too) Sour cream also has all the good little critters that help support digestion, the immune system, and keep us on track. I love love love sour cream.

2 cups heavy cream
2 tablespoons yogurt or buttermilk

Make sure when picking your cream you read the ingredient list. I grabbed an organic carton only to find out later it also contained Carrageenan. Back to the store I went. Here I am trying to introduce good bacteria into my gut and carrageenan was trying to step in there and irritate the situation. Yes, this natural, although unnecessary, ingredient actually reeks havoc on the digestive system. "Carrageenan predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding," explains veteran carrageenan researcher Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago. It irritates by activating an immune response that dials up inflammation. No thank you.

Carrageenan is used as a thickener and what I didn't realize is I grabbed an ultra-pasturized version. I went back and found the same brand without the added carrageenan.

Anyway back to Sour Cream making!!! It is so simple, it is ridiculous. Why did I not do this sooner? Pour the cream into a bowl and whisk in the yogurt until it is blended, pour into a jar, cover with a lid, and leave it on the counter to culture for 18-24 hours until thickened to your liking. When it's ready, transfer it to the refrigerator and it should last about 6 weeks. I know, right? Ridiculously simple. You can use buttermilk instead of yogurt if you like, but I always have my homemade yogurt in the house so I used that. Enjoy.

I got this recipe from the cookbook The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther. I can't say enough about what a fabulous cookbook this is. My total favorite at the moment. I am practically carrying this thing around with me. It is that good.

Want the book?
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