Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chicken Dinner = Broths & Stocks

Around here we use and just plain drink a lot of chicken broth, stock and bone broth. Not only is it a powerful aid in healing Leaky Gut (which so many of us have and don't even realize), but it boosts the immune system and it's high collagen content makes for pretty skin, hair, and nails. I love the stuff.

Normally I boil a whole chicken or the bones from a roast chicken on the stovetop to get the goods...but sometimes I like to mix it up.

Boiling a whole chicken in a pot technically makes it called Chicken Broth, roasting a chicken first and then tossing in the bones and the leftover bits of chicken into a pot and simmering for about 2-3 hours makes it called Chicken Stock OR extending the simmering time to around 24 hours, you have the right to call it a Bone Broth.

Whatever your intention this is another method to get some beautiful rich chicken broth, which is wonderful in itself but, after dinner you can throw the bones in a pot and make a stock or bone broth, too.

1 whole chicken
sea salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, fresh rosemary, and thyme
water and veggies

First place your chicken into a large casserole dish or dutch oven. Fill with water to 2/3 full. Add salt, peppercorns, and herbs. Cover and put in the oven for 5-6 hours at about 300 degrees F. House will smell beautifully.

About 40 minutes before dinner, add vegetables. I added carrots, brussels sprouts, leeks, onion, and turnip...but add whatever you like.

When you remove your chicken and veggies you are left with a beautiful rich broth. Pour it through a sieve to remove bits of chicken and bones that may be left. Reserve broth to drink or cook with.

Your chicken will be very moist and literally fall apart. It's a great way to get your money's worth out of a chicken as you will get every ounce of meat from the bird. We love to make chicken salads or sandwiches with the leftovers.

Luckily I have a warming drawer. Even after smelling this cooking for 6 hours, the family is late to dinner. Summer surfing until sunset! Enjoy.

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