Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hazelwood for Excess Acidity

Hazelwood, coming from the hazelwood plant, is said to create an alkaline environment in the body through contact with the skin. It is believed that the wood draws out excess acidity until a balanced PH is reached. If that is true it has the potential to improve any condition arising from excess acid: eczema, ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, etc. I had to check this out!

Aboriginals are thought to be the first to discover the power of hazelwood as they would put chips of the wood on their babies' necks to sooth teething pain. Amber is also thought to help with teething pain and other anti-inflammatory issues. Searching to find my daughter relief from her painful, itchy eczema, I jumped at the chance to try this remedy. I was so excited when I came across the website for Hazelaid and learned their story. They too had a child suffering from eczema and were searching and trying anything to alleviate her symptoms. They heard about hazelwood from a friend, whose son had severe acid reflux, and found relief by wearing a hazelwood necklace. The wood worked for their daughter as well and within a few weeks they saw a dramatic improvement. Their site has many customer testimonials with before and after photos that are quite amazing.

photo courtesy of Hazelaid 

I also saw improvement while my daughter was wearing her hazelwood necklace. Actually, I didn't notice the change until I took it off. Hazelwood necklaces eventually become saturated and at that point need to be replaced. The flesh of the wood beads start to darken and then they are unable to absorb acid as well. Most necklaces last about six months depending on the levels of acid being absorbed. Often the first necklace absorbs and becomes saturated really quickly and then the necklaces following will last longer. This was true with my daughter. Her necklace turned dark REALLY quickly. I took it off and ordered a new one. In that short period of time her skin worsened. When the new necklace arrived, she looked better the next day. I would love to say that hazelwood fully cured her, but it didn't. To be honest, my daughter has eczema over her entire body and it hasn't been easy to get under control. I believe it did however lesson her symptoms. Any type of relief is good enough for me. She still has a necklace on so you know I am a believer! Definitely worth checking out. Good health is like a puzzle and we all have different pieces. We just need to find what works for us.

Another juicy, feel good tidbit: The wood that is used to make these necklaces is harvested sustainably. The end of the twig that is taken grows back! Plus no sprays or pesticides are needed for the care of these plants. Many of them are actually wild growing and totally natural. Gotta love that!

P.S. They have even had success using hazelwood with pet issues.

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(By the way, I get no commissions or anything of that sort. I was talking to them about their products and they said I could give you a discount because they are super cool)

Had success from an ailment using hazelwood? I would love to hear. Please post a comment with your story.

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