Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Salad with Creamy Goat-Cheesy Dressing

My garden is normally full of lettuce so I am always the first to volunteer to bring the salad to a gathering. This Holiday Salad with Creamy Goat-Cheesy Dressing is easy to throw together and looks festive.

Goat Cheese
Olive Oil

The dressing is as easy as easy gets and in a mason jar is easily transportable. All you do is place herbed goat cheese in jar with olive oil and...

Shake, Shake, Shake! 
Add more olive oil or goat cheese (and sometimes I like lemon) to get the desired amount and consistency. 

Also known as the seeded apple, the pomegranate can be a bit messy to de-seed. Don't wear a white shirt while you do so. That is my only advice. This delicious, sweet fruit is packed with disease fighting antioxidants and health benefits galore, but may have up to 600 seeds so watch out for the splatter.

Time to eat. Top lettuce with apples, walnuts, and pomegranate seeds and drizzle with your creamy goat-cheesy dressing and enjoy!

Want a cool jar to shake your salad dressing?
Well click on this jar and there you go...

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  1. Salads with fresh fruit are great. Thanks for sharing this during Our Little Family Adventure's Thanksgiving Menu Planning Event. I’ve added a link to your recipe on my planning post. ~Nicky