Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stainless Steel Teether Review

If you're like me you worry about your little ones (or grandchildren or nieces and nephews or, come on!, the children of the future) putting plastic toys in their mouths. BPA, phthalates, all sorts of weird chemicals that may or may not be lurking in what appears to be an innocent toy. I recently read that the whole BPA Free label that got stamped on everything to make us all feel better hasn't helped anyone. They just replaced BPA with BPS. One evil for another and we all went running to the checkout lines.

Anyway, we currently have a little one growing some teeth in our house so I set out to find myself the best alternatives to plastic teethers. With her amber teething necklace on my babe has been gumming away on some pretty cool shiny stainless steel savers of my sanity. 

Introducing... the Kleynimals Clean Key Animals and the Toofeze!

The Toofeze boasts that it has three distinct chewing surfaces allowing little ones to self-manage their teething needs. I stared at it for awhile because I could only see two distinct surfaces- its food grade stainless steel circle and its silicone handle, which are both non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and exceed all US safety regulations by the way, but then realized that the raised and bumpy name Toofeze itself would feel mighty nice sliding along some itchy gums. Smart. You nearly stumped me Toofeze!

The cool disk (which can be engraved for a great gift) can be dipped in ice water to ease painful teething symptoms and the handle is easy to grip, and never too cold to hold. They say it is even functional enough to give comfort for the two year molars (let you know when we get there!) Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, I dig at the bottom of my purse for this bad boy daily. It does its job and it does it good. (Recommended for age 3+ months) Buy one here

Kleynimals are comprised of Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the Lion. They rattle just like keys, without the dangerous levels of lead which most keys contain. These cuties are 100% food grade stainless steal and, if I pretend to open a door with them, can captivate my daughter for quite some time. They can also be dipped in ice water for a cool treat, are dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. (Recommended for age 6+ months)

An added bonus for Keynimals is that they are a family owned company, a mom inspired by her kids. From the looks of her website she has her heart wrapped all around her product, from the design to the production, even down to the reusable unbleached muslin bag that she packages them in. You can read more and purchase a set here

I think they both definitely deserve a place in my diaper bag as they both offer different things. I tend to see heirloom quality written all over the Keynimals, though and once engraved they would be a super cool gift.

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