Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beet Salad

I have lots of beets in the garden right now. The other night I made a Beet Salad. 
Ingredients: Beets, beet stalks (and greens if you like), olive oil, lemon, and garlic. 

I consider this an easy side dish on the scale of...Can I do this with a baby strapped to my chest? 
Yes, I can! 

First cut off the beet tops and root ends. Set aside the tops.

Place in a pot of water and turn on to a boil. Do not peel off outer skin. 
It will melt away like butter later, you will see. 

While waiting for beets to cook, cut off greens and slice stalks into all about the same size. 

Peel and have garlic at the ready for use with the garlic press. 

Beets are done when you can stick a fork in them and they are slightly soft. 
Throw beet stalks in the last five minutes.

The skins will literally peel off in your hands. Careful they can be hot. 
Let cool slightly or run under cold water. 

Beautiful colors, wouldn't you say?! 

Mix together with olive oil, lemon, and crushed garlic. 

It goes really well with a grass-fed flank steak marinated in coconut aminos and done on the grill...and maybe a baked potato. Ahhhh, now I am bummed I am not eating that right now!! 
Hope you enjoy. 

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