Sunday, July 7, 2013

Banana "Ice Cream"

Want an easy, healthy summer treat? Banana "Ice Cream"! The words ice cream are in quotes because, although it tastes and looks a lot like ice cream, you won't believe the simple ingredients.


Yup, the only ingredient is bananas!!! It's bananas! As in, yeah. Ok I will stop now.

But you can also add these:
Peanut, almond or your favorite nut butter (optional)
Chocolate Chips (also optional)

I think Elvis definitely would have approved of adding these in the mix. (I heard he loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.)

First slice up a couple of bananas, and pop in your freezer for at least an hour. Then put frozen bananas in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Next add in your favorite nut butter...mine is almond butter

and sprinkle with chocolate chips. You can eat as is (its like pudding) or... back in the freezer for a bit so it is scrumptiously scoop-able.

Also makes a perfect popsicle! I hope you enjoy.

Click here if you need any of the necessary kitchen equipment (except the freezer!):
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