Saturday, June 8, 2013

Turning Slicer Debut

Today I made the fastest lunch ever! I think the Turning Slicer is my new favorite kitchen tool so I just had to share my experience. I bought this handy contraption last week and today was my first go.

I can't believe how simple this thing is. You stick the zucchini (or whatever you want) between the blade and the crank, turn the handle and BOOM.

Ridiculously easy. It comes with three blades which are stored in the bottom: a shredder, a chipper, and a slicer. My mind is reeling with its potential. I can add zucchini noodles to pasta (the kids won't even know!), summer salads of zucchini, carrot, and apple "noodles" with a sweet dressing, sliced raw beets in my salads, breakfast potatoes in a flash, ahhhhh the list is endless. Very very excited!

And the cleanup was a breeze.

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