Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cardboard Box Toys

Who needs expensive toys when you have a cardboard box!!! My girls see a box and they shriek with excitement. I am not kidding. They see it's potential. Awhile ago we made a little doll house out of a shoe box (pictured left) and ever since then boxes have become a sought after item. Spring Break so far has been all about Owley and Pooh Bear and finding boxes for their adventures. This week we made Owley a birdcage, a camper bus, and Pooh bear got his own airplane. Cardboard boxes, a box cutter, duct tap, and a glue gun are the basic tools and then whatever they find around the house. The project goes wherever their imagination takes them. We had so much fun. If your kids are like mine they tire of toys so quickly...and they always seem to want new ones. This way they get something new, we reuse items, use our creativity, and nothing gets wasted. Not to mention no plastic packaging wrapped around another plastic toy! For more ideas read: My Kid's Play With Trash, but honestly kids come up with it all on their own. They amaze me!

Meet Owley

Owley's New House

Owley's Awesome Camper Bus

Complete with License Plate- Oh ya he is from CA.

Pooh Bear's Jet Plane

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