Sunday, March 3, 2013

School Lunch Makeover

Our School Lunches just got an upgrade thanks to Spoonfed: Raising Kids to Think About What They Eat and PlanetBox.

I make homemade lunches everyday for my two school age daughters. We steer clear of the processed, microwaved junk food served at school. They know that buying lunch is out of the question and since I have talked extensively with them about the importance of food they know the reasons, understand them, and are starting to agree. In turn they are making better food choices when offered snacks at friend's houses or birthday parties.

Browsing around the internet educating myself as I do, I came across Spoonfed's Facebook Page. Her lunch filled PlanetBox pictures were so inspiring that I ordered the boxes myself. They definitely took my school lunches up at notch! But lunch can be served in anything- prior to this I had some BPA-free containers, a thermos, and a reusable lunch sack. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to be healthy and not processed ...aka real food. For those of you who do not yet make lunch for your kiddies (or still throw packaged chips and cookies in the bag)...I am hoping my pictures will inspire you the way her pictures inspired me.

There are three main reasons I hear about why parents don't make school lunches:

1) Time, 2) Money 3) and believe it or not-- "My kid will be embarrassed." 

These two lunches took me about ten minutes to make. Enough said there. 

Money is the second excuse that I hear. Lunch at school is normally about $2.50--times five days that is $12.50. I have two kids eating so that is $25. Trust me I am not spending that a week on food. If anything I am saving money. Often times the vegetables I add to their lunch are from my garden, too. And leftovers, leftovers, leftovers -they love a little leftover spaghetti in a thermos.

I was surprised by the last one. I can't imagine a child being embarrassed about a lunch like this. My nine year old told me that the other girls are jealous of her lunch. Everyday they want to see what she has. If you are worried about what your child's peers might think, look at it this way- you might be the one to invoke change. Kids will look at your bright and colorful lunches and go home asking for the same.

It is easy to turn the other way and not worry about what our kids are eating when they are not with us. An awesome school lunch is the perfect vehicle to educate our children about food. They will follow by example when out on their own.

Need more inspiration, ideas? Definitely visit: Spoonfed!

Easy veggies to plant together with your child to make the lunches even more exciting:

Get your own PlanetBox right here: PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox

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