Friday, January 25, 2013

Active Rainy Day Fun for Kids (and Moms)

Looks like it is going to be a rainy weekend here. My daughters and I plan to be active anyhow. I think this time of year it so important to boost your immune system, open your windows a crack each day to circulate air, and to keep moving. It is too easy to become sedentary when it is cold, rainy, or gloomy out.

We don't plan to watch movies all day on the couch, we plan to push the coffee table aside and lay out yoga mats or dance the hula! Here is a list of our favorite rainy day workout DVDs:

YogaKids (ages 3-6)
There are a couple of different DVDs by Gaiam Kids. We have YogaKids 2: ABCs and YogaKids 3: Silly to Calm. They are both 40 minutes and kids, along with certified yoga instructor and mother Marsha Wenig, inspire little ones to get moving by using letters, animals, and nature. These videos help release restless energy and teach ways to handle everyday feelings and challenges through breathing. We love them.

Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers (ages 7-16)
My oldest daughter outgrew our YogaKids videos so I went in search of something more age approprate for her. This video by Shanti Generation is perfect. The box states that practicing just two times per week cultivates body awareness, flexibility, concentration, stress reduction, and self expression. While I haven't been able to get them to do it twice a week yet, I can attest to this because I practice yoga and IT'S TRUE!

Baby and Mom Post Natal Yoga by The New Method
Even my ten week old is getting in on the action...and my older daughters have been using their dolls and joining us, too!

I Want to be a Hula Dancer and Wear a Flower Lei!
Yes, this is the name of the video by Kuleana Productions. This fun video includes a warm-up, basic steps, and three easy dances. We actually bought this for my daughter's last birthday party. We had a luau theme and all the girls learned to hula. Really cute and it was a great way to get them moving! I believe in active birthday parties. Last birthday for my other daughter involved twelve girls and indoor rock climbing. :)

Anyway hope you have a great weekend. Help us stay entertained- rainy day suggestions are welcome below!

Buy the fun here on Amazon:
Gaiam Kids: Yogakids Fun Collection
Shanti Generation: Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers - Ages 7-16
The New Method Baby - Baby & Mom Post Natal Yoga
I Want To Be A Hula Dancer And Wear A Flower Lei

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