Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Natural Health Benefits of Amber

Amber is said to be a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory. I was browsing around a baby boutique recently and came across some baby sized amber necklaces. I was told by the shop owner that when amber is worn, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils which, once absorbed, produce a calming effect and offer relief from teething symptoms.

Amber is the fossilized resin from prehistoric trees that date as far back as 50 million years. My mom has always loved amber- especially when we have seen necklaces with insects stuck in their fossilized state. Such an interesting little time capsule. Never did she or I realize that a beautiful piece of jewelry could have health benefits! Baltic Amber has been used as a teething remedy for children for hundreds of years. Adults use it for all sorts of pain relief including reducing Arthritis discomfort. It may even restore energy, strengthen the immune system and promote general wellness. Amber products can be found in local pharmacies in many European countries. The resin itself is not the painkiller, the succinic acid it expels is believed to have analgesic properties that take the edge off pain.

I decided I would have to give it a try. Perhaps I could benefit from Baltic Amber during my pregnancy. My fingers were very swollen and hey, can't we all use a little more energy? I bought myself a beautiful amber necklace (as you can see above). Prior to wearing it I could not even get my wedding ring on and off. My fingers were very stiff and were beginning to resemble little sausages. I only wore it for three hours and by that night my ring slipped easily on and off. Amber is said to be an anti-inflammatory...Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not!

So I am sort of a believer now and just in case there is truth to the health benefits, my nature baby and I are both going to be sporting amber soon as she gets here! I am still waiting for my baby girl to arrive. We are four days past her due date!

I have put a necklace away for her so I have it ready once she begins teething. While I would never leave her alone while wearing it, I feel good that it is knotted by hand in between each and every bead. That way if it does break the beads will not be all over the place and within her grasp. We are going to be such a stylish pair!

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  2. With all the benefits associated with them, the choking hazard noted here is quite terrifying to me.

    1. I was told at night to wrap the necklace twice around an ankle and have baby wear under footsie pajamas. I always took off at night anyway as I was worried about this hazard as well. The teething relief during the day seemed to be enough and they never needed to wear at night. :)