Friday, October 12, 2012

Natural Halloween Candy

Halloween is almost here!

The time of year when it is very hard to keep candy out of our little one's hands. Candy filled with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, etc etc etc.


A couple of years ago someone told me about a tradition in their home where a Halloween Hobgoblin comes to visit and if children leave all their Halloween candy out for him, he will take it and eat it with his nasty cavity filled teeth and in return leave a present. I have done this the last couple of years and it has been a great success. One year he left a green ring for my oldest and some art supplies for my youngest. They were so excited about writing him a letter, leaving out the candy, and awaking in the morning to see their treasure that they did not even miss the candy.

So the situation is pretty handled in my home (for now) but I have to think about what I am going to hand out to others when they arrive at my door. I don't want to buy anything that I would not give my own kids. I recently came across a wonderful company that, not only gives a wide assortment of natural candy, but is also the kind of company I want to support. is a family-owned and operated business started by two sisters, Dawn and Irene, and their mom, Molly. They provide the largest selection of natural and organic candy available anywhere. Their candies have absolutely no artificial colors or dyes, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils. They give detailed ingredient information for every product they sell. They even have a big variety of Feingold approved candy. The Feingold Program promotes the elimination of all synthetic ingredients from food and personal care products to control the symptoms of ADHD and other conditions.

On their site you will find a Key on the right with icons so you know if the candy is: Made in the USA, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Kosher, Feingold Stage 1, Feingold Stage 2, and/or Allergen Free. They also make clear if the candy is Fair Trade or certified GMO-Free. There is something sweet for everyone.

This company provides the things I want. Yay! But I am also happy to see that they care. "We're still small, but in our business decisions we try to do the right thing for the planet and for people. We carry many certified organic products. We seek out recycled and biodegradable supplies (for example, home-compostable cellophane bags for bulk candy). We support fair-trade efforts and look forward to the day when more candy is made with fair-trade certified sugar. As we grow, we want to be a great place to work and contribute in a meaningful way to our community." Good for you,! I will definitely be stopping by for something sweet this Halloween...oooo and probably in December, and I will definitely have to tell the Easter Bunny about you, and for birthdays and.........

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