Friday, October 26, 2012

Kid's Veggie Party!!!

A friend of mine and I were recently discussing kids and vegetables. She thought it was amazing that my daughters love artichokes and told me "no way" her kids would try them. I invited them over for a "Picking of the Artichokes Party" and guess what? Her kids loved them. The key is in the presentation.

They each came out into my garden and selected an artichoke. I cut them off and took pictures as they held them up and cheered. I told them each one had a surprise inside, the heart of the artichoke, and once we ate to the center they would get it. They were intrigued. I quickly steamed up their pick.

When they had a taste of my dipping sauce they had no trouble eating the "meat" off the leaves to get to the center. I make an Aloli type sauce of mayonnaise, lemon, and garlic. Whipped up quick with a fork, it is my all time favorite sauce. If you, or your kids, are not mayonnaise fans a simple lemon and garlic dip will do or lemon, garlic, and Dijon mustard. Anything they can help you mix is normally a success.

In the middle of the artichoke is the heart. It is covered by a hairlike substance. My daughters love when I use a spoon and give it a "haircut". They literally drool to get to the "surprise inside". Artichokes are high in antioxidants and fiber. A medium artichoke has more fiber than a cup of prunes (something I do find hard to get my kids to eat!) They contain 7-10 grams of fiber. An apple only has about 3-4 grams. Kids will eat anything if you make it exciting enough.

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  1. love the idea of a veggie party. my kids love artichokes...but we don't grow them...maybe this year?