Sunday, October 28, 2012

Inducing Labor Naturally

I am due to have my third baby girl very soon!!! If you have been following for awhile you may have read my post, Getting Ready for a VBA2C. Well, I thought I would give an update.

A VBA2C is a vaginal birth after two c-sections. I have been preparing with hypnobirthing classes, twice a week workouts, yoga, calming essential oils, and the like. My doctor said, though, that I will be the most successful if I get my body to go into labor naturally. Pitocin and medical interventions make this type of birth less successful and sometimes result in another c-section. Now that I am full term, and at the suggestion of my doctor, I am on a mission to make labor happen!

Here is a list of some ways to induce labor naturally and also the ones I have tried:

1. Acupressure: Looked up online and found the pressure points in the shoulder well, webbing between thumb and forefinger, and heel. Been pressing them every chance I get!

2. Acupuncture- Had sessions twice last week and another one lined up for tomorrow. Had lots of contractions right after, but unfortunately they fizzled out.

3. Balsamic Vinegar- graced my salad last night!

4. Bouncing on a birth/exercise ball- sitting on the ball right now!

5. Evening Primrose Oil- This is used internally and meant to soften the cervix.

6. Galloping- Many people swear by this and while I will never admit again that I did this, I did.

7. Massage- helps with the aches and pains of pregnancy too!

8. Nipple stimulation- Some people say this brings on strong contractions so I have been a little wary of this, but I won't say I didn't try at least once.

9. Pineapple- Chemicals in pineapple are said to induce labor. I drank a pineapple smoothie yesterday.

10. Sex- (orgasms cause contractions and sperm softens the cervix)

11. Spicy Food- I did add a little habanero sauce to my eggs this morning.

12. Squats- helps the baby move down into position and makes looking good after baby easier!

13. Walking- been doing lots and lots of walking

14. Yoga- been doing lots and lots of yoga

Check out the full list here: Inducing Labor- 40+ Natural Ways to Induce Labor on your Own

Anyway that is the update folks! As of yet, she is not ready to come out and I am pretty sure that no matter what I do she isn't going to until she is good and ready...but I am going to keep trying. Wish me luck. They say nesting is a sure sign you are going to go into labor soon. Well, I have been nesting obsessively for weeks. And for someone that is already obsessed about chemicals and living naturally you can only imagine what pregnancy hormones have done to me!

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