Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skunk Spray Remedy

Guess who got sprayed by a skunk this weekend??? Yes, it was quite a Friday night. My husband and I were sitting out in the front yard with our dogs enjoying the stars. The romantic evening ended abruptly when Pancho happened upon a skunk wandering in the darkness. If you have never had the pleasure of a close encounter with skunk spray, well consider yourself lucky! It is nothing like the faint odor that lingers after a skunk has been nearby. It was so strong even my throat was burning.

We quickly rushed Pancho into the backyard and got on the internet in search of a skunk spray remedy. I remember growing up my mom used tomato juice on our little white terrier (and she was pink for weeks), but it didn't work all that well. We ended up finding an excellent solution on the site Natural Dog Health Remedies. There are certain enzyme based shampoos at pet stores that we may have tried, but since it was nine o'clock at night we were lucky to find a wash recipe with ingredients we could find at any market. Most importantly, it actually worked!

Skunk spray is essentially an oil, so if you ever have the unfortunate luck of your pup getting sprayed by a skunk, do not let him or her into the house until really clean. The oils are very hard to get out of fabric. After washing Pancho once with shampoo we tried the site's magical mixture. It worked amazingly! In a bucket, mix 4 cups of 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide with one-quarter cup of baking soda, and two teaspoons of liquid soap. Apply the bubbling mixture to your dog's coat being careful not to get in eyes or mouth. Lather for about five minutes. The skunk smell should start to dissipate. If you need to de-skunk your little buddy's face and ears, use a sponge. You may need to do the wash several times, but remember to keep out of eyes and rinse completely when finished.

Pancho smells terrific. Unfortunately our windows where open so the inside of our house does not!

Natural Dog Health Remedies article: How to Remove Skunk Smell from Dogs

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