Monday, July 2, 2012

There is Hexane in my Veggie Burger!

I just found out there is an EPA-registered air pollutant and neurotoxin in my favorite veggie burger! Our family has a couple of favorite items on our dinner rotation. Veggie Burgers with potato salad is a heavyweight on this list. Sad to say that even someone who considers herself a label reader can come across something unsatisfactory in her food. This just proves to me that I can never get lazy. I need to stay proactive in my food choices and constantly be researching.

The offender in my veggie patty is hexane. Apparently, to appease health conscious people like me, manufacturers submerge soybeans in a bath of hexane to separate the oil from the protein. This keeps fat content low. I know they say the amount left in the food is minimal, but hexane is a solvent made from crude oil. I do not even want to chance that there is any left in my food.

I picked our family veggie burger out of all the other ones in the freezer section because the list of ingredients was clear to me. I knew what every single ingredient was, the product boasted "No GMOs" and almost everything was organic. I thought I knew what I was getting, but hexane is definitely not listed on the ingredient list. Hexane is used to extract the vegetable oil from plant seeds such as canola, soybeans, sunflowers, and corn. It is more efficient and less expensive than squeezing the oil out with presses.

I don't want to point fingers at the company of my once beloved veggie burger so I have chosen not to name names. I am hoping they see the error of their ways and change their product soon. I am hoping they didn't realize what was going on. However...I have included some links at the bottom with other articles that give a good list of companies whose products use hexane as well as ones that are hexane-free.

It boils down to choosing products that are made with ALL organic ingredients. They are not allowed to contain any hexane-derived ingredients. It doesn't apply if the product says "Made with Organic Ingredients". Guess I have to go all or none on this one.

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