Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watching Our Garden Grow

I am starting to believe I planted too much lettuce. We have been feasting non-stop lately on our little leafy greens and they seem to keep getting bigger. Not that I am complaining. I love a good salad and the fact that growing our own lettuce has gotten my daughters to love salad as well is really fantastic.

Everyday my daughters are the ones to pick the lettuce and make the salad. Not only does it taste better because it is fresh, but it tastes wonderful because they made it. We went out and bought a bunch of different salad dressings to make it that much more exciting. They enjoyed picking them out. Their current favorites are Annie's Organic Pomegranate and their Cowgirl Ranch. We love Annie's salad dressing. Traditional ranch dressings often times contain MSG and a bunch of what we call mystery ingredients. We are a label reading crew over here. 

I am starting to believe I planted too much Squash. When the first little yellow squash popped up the other day I was very excited. I ran through the house telling everyone. The next day there were two. Now there are eight! And that is only of one kind! 

When my daughters and I went to the garden store it got out a hand. We simply couldn't help ourselves and filled up the cart with a little of everything. I can see my garden boxes are going to turn into a jungle...but I don't care. I will have more to share with my neighbors and friends. I also found a flier at the nursery that said a local church takes produce donations and distributes the veggies to those in why not grow extra! We are having a wonderful time watching our garden grow.

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