Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resident Garden Gnome

Meet our new garden gnome. What garden would be complete without one of these? In folklore, gnomes are thought to bring luck and to be helpers to humans in the garden and house. I need all the help I can get!!!

To be honest I have always had an affection for garden gnomes. In stories gnomes are creatures resembling tiny old men that live in the depths of the earth and guard buried treasure. When I was little my Grandma June read the book, 'The Princess and the Goblin' by George MacDonald to me. It was about a princess and these tiny goblin men who lived far underground and in tunnels within mountains. That story was our special thing and I will never forget when she read it to me. I read it to my own daughter last year.

Then there is the movie Amelie which is easily one of my favorite movies. I am not alone as it earned 5 academy award nominations the year it came out in 2001. Amelie is a touching, whimsical movie and in it there is a garden gnome owned by Amelie's father. A task of a gnome is to provide assistance to all living things. They symbolize integrity, honesty and hard work. Amelie feels that her father should travel and see the world, but he never goes anywhere. She sets it up so people take his gnome all over the world and send him letters with pictures of the little man in front of various famous places. Her father would look out the window and his gnome would mysteriously reappear in the garden before going off on another adventure. It became so he would wait to see where his gnome would travel next. This gnome helped his owner tremendously because he realized that his little garden statue was seeing more of the world than he was!!!

So in short, I realized that my garden must have a gnome of its own. I hope he will bring my garden luck. The soil for the garden boxes is being delivered today. Before we can start shoveling it in, though, we must line the bottom of the beds with gopher wire. We are using hardware cloth for this. It will decompose and need to be replaced about every two years, but I was hesitant about putting anything in the soil near our plants that was plastic or might leech chemicals. Wish me luck. I don't suppose my little man will help me shovel!

Want a gnome of your own? Click on this little guy:

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  1. My friend Edie and I really became friends when our mutual love of animals took us on a road trip together to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Home of Dogtown. I digress...Edie and I had a girls night a few months ago, and watched Amelie. What an awesome movie. Something else we have in common Nat.