Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worm Bin Fun

Today I put together a “Wriggly Wranch” worm habitat. I have a compost bin and I am pretty good at keeping it up. There is beautiful soil coming out of the bottom of my bin… so I figured this was the next step. Why don’t I let the worms eat some of my waste as well! These worms will produce worm casting and liquid fertilizer, which is supposed to be GREAT for the garden. This “Wranch” is said to work on a continuous cycle; I put in my food waste and the worms give me top quality organic plant food.

The bin itself was actually very easy to get. I looked up home composting resources in my area and found several places that had huge discounts for local residents. Other sites were selling bins from $70-$100. My bin was $30. Call your local waste management company or recycling center. They may have tips on cheaper local alternatives. Or crafty people can easily make their own: http://whatcom.wsu.edu/ag/compost/Easywormbin.htm

It had a nice set of directions. Put some music on, you’ll be done in ten minutes with the housing. Be sure to find a nice out of the way place for your new little “pets” (you’ll have 1000 new buddies when this is over). Obviously convenient enough to dump some of your kitchen scraps in there, but far enough away not to freak them out. Apparently these little guys are quite sensitive to vibrations so it probably isn’t a good idea to store them next to your washing machine or dryer. You also should not store them in direct sunlight. While they can survive in temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit, they really prefer the seventies…well now don’t we all!!! I have my bin a little off from the back door under a big shady overhang. In the winter I will bring it in the garage if it gets too cold.

Tomorrow I will tackle the “bedding block” and then buying and opening what I hear to be a very drippy smelly bag of worms!!! Can’t wait!!!

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